Stora Chefsmöte

The managers for the cooperating organizations will meet at least once a year, in early autumn, for the “Stora chefsmöte” where the Directors General, other relevant managers and the working group for International coordination (NIC) meet. The meeting is held with a fixed agenda. “Stora chefsmöte” is planned to function as a preliminary meeting for the EuroGeographics General Assembly.

The meetings are held alternately in the Nordic countries in the following order: Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Finland, Sweden, Greenland and Denmark.  (The order may be adjusted as necessary and after agreement among the parties).


The host country is responsible for arranging the meetings and for documenting the meetings with minutes, etc. A list with all the participants from the meeting including their job title and contact info (email and cell phone) shall be enclosed in the minutes. The minutes are distributed via the common portal. The managers may be accompanied by one or more members of the staff to “Stora chefsmöte”, though the number of participants at these meetings should be limited. ”Stora chefsmöte” should generally be limited to three working days, including travel and the possibility for a one day professional excursion.

The meeting will be held with the following agenda: Deviations from the agenda can be arranged where appropriate:

  1. Approval of the agenda
  2. Short country report with the main activities on spatial data and land management area in the Nordic countries. Current reports must be available at the common portal at least a week before the meeting
  3. Reporting from the working groups and the common projects
  4. Highlights and focus topics from the working groups
  5. Approval of the work program and tasks from the working groups for the coming year, including closing or establishing new working groups
  6. Discussion of general trends, policy and strategic questions, including presentations from the meeting participants
  7. International activities
  8. Time, place and a preliminary agenda for next year’s meeting
  9. Any other business