Nordic INSPIRE Network

A Network of Nordic specialist regarding implementation of the  INSPIRE directive of EU Participants are from the NMCA as well as from Ministries and Environment agencies.

Nordic INSPIRE network
Chair There is no permanent chair of the group, the host for each meeting act as the chair.
Members Norway
Purpose of the Network ·      The network is a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of experience concerning the implementation of the INSPIRE directive in the Nordic countries.
·      The network has a particular focus on the legal, strategic and business aspects of INSPIRE implementation.
·      The network is a platform for discussion and adoption of possible joint Nordic attitudes (or positions) to  proposals from the EU Commission
·      The network is a platform for discussion and adoption of possible joint Nordic attitudes to INSPIRE Committee and MIG meetings
Tasks/ activities for 2016-18,
including which Strategic Goals will be supported
The network is also active between scheduled meetings and network members will ensure regular, mutual sparring and knowledge sharing in the network – including the sharing of national positions to Commission documents, etc.

The network helps to coordinate Nordic participation in the Commission’s working groups set up as Nordic views handled as many places as possible in the Commission’s work. The network establishes and maintains a list of Nordic participants in the Commission’s working groups. The network discusses and agrees on items that require special attention. Those items are an input to the agenda for the scheduled meetings. The network obtains expert assistance when deemed necessary. The network may invite representatives of other working groups, individual experts or other persons to participate in the established network meetings.

Proposed items for the next meeting:
·      Reflection Group and Fitness for Purpose
·      INSPIRE and Delegated Acts
·      Reporting and MIWP group/EIONET
·      Metadata and Nordic collaboration on GeoNetworks
·      Country reports
·      LOPD – priority list
·      ISA WG on Geospatial Solutions and INSPIRE
·      MIG P and Committee meeting in June
·      INSPIRE conference
·      MIG-T meeting
·      OGC meeting in Delft and What if INSPIRE WS
·      ISO TC211

Planned meetings Two physical meetings a year.
Coordination with other working groups  Nordic standardization group. The Network coordinates with other working groups when appropriate e.g. with the NOSIN.