Nordic INSPIRE meeting Keflavík, Iceland

The Nordic Network on INSPIRE had it’s autumn meeting in Keflavík, Iceland 1 – 2 of October 2018.

The agenda for the meeting was as following and the presentations presented are found as a link under each agenda item as well as the main outcomes from discussions.

 Nordic INSPIRE Network (NIN) 

1.-2. October 2018

Keflavík, Iceland

 Venue: Hotel Park Inn

 Hafnargata 57

 230 Keflavík, Iceland


Time Topic Outcome
Monday 1. of October
11:30-12:30 Lunch at Hotel Park Inn
13:00-13:15 Follow-up on activities decided in previous meeting Minutes from the last Nordic network meeting in Oslo in April were presented and action item monitored,
13:15-14:00 Breaking news (10 minutes each) A short report on what is happening in the different Nordic countries.

DK, Satellite images from oblique angles.  Meterological office in DK will open up their data for free. TAPAS project is a testbeed for RTK netværk.

DK, Tjenester på Datafordeleren

NO, The Mapping Agency serious economic situation, reduction in the budget, that will affect work, organisation and travels. National geodata strategy+ action plan, with large project for coming years such as Mapping of coastal areas, future basemaps, underground data, use of radar data and hazard mapping. BIM workshop.

FI, New strategy report, about 7 actions introduced in the report….

Introduced the Finish Geospatial Platform

SE, Government mandate based on pilot study also reported at the last meeting. such as on smarter community building process, increased competence regarding Digitalisation,  Also discussions about the use of the term Platform. Lantmäteriet are also preparing for Open data demands that might come in the close future. Investing a new formats and new services types for consumers services. Also developing a new API to support general web developers that are not the regular GIS developers. This is important for the mobile developers, just to mention an example.

Link to SE reserapport INSPIRE conference 2018

Link to the new digitalisation authority: 

IS, The report for the survey of SDI status in Iceland.

Common trend, making the data available for more users and developers.

14:30-14:50 List of priority data – LOPD (Environmental reporting data) (MIG 2016.5) This issue was planned for discussion in the MIG-P meeting in June. Any new information?
Lessons learned; knowledge on how the Nordic countries have worked towards fulfilling the requirements
Common update and agreed Nordic viewss including;

  • Preparation for next MIG-T meeting
  • Preparation for next MIG/Committee meeting
  • Metadata tagging
  • Upcoming pilots (based on letter from COM)

The Swedish view as an introduction. It was a common understanding that it is important to send the action plan that Commission has requested since we are in a process of a EU pilot.

Statement: The Nordic Inspire Network find the way Eurostat is going in combining Census data and INSPIRE data could be a use case for other EU initiatives and should be used by other EU institutes such as EEA.
Meetings in MIG and EEA NRC_EIS should also adress this problem.

14:50-16:10 Thematic viewer Has there been any new development?

Lars. Introduced the status on Thematic viewer. Finland has managed to get the metadata and download links into the thematic viewer.


work regarding access to data worked with within MIG-T. A document on suggested changes will be introduced soon but it is now under hearing.


Action: Finland will send and overview of the whole process of getting the data (services) viewable in the thematic viewer that will then

be followed up by a technical webinar on the task. Pritority dataset slides


16:20-16:35 Coffee break
16:35-17:00 Draft revision of the implementing rules for monitoring and reporting Status of this and what to expect for the next reporting.

Ulla introduced the changes that will be put into place on the monitoring and reporting regulation. There are three main changes where to of them are related to demanding metadata tacking. These changes seams to be falling into place and will most likely be accepted.

18.00 Get together for a short walk and/or a visit to a local Café (Café Petite) All
19:30 Dinner at Library Restaurant in Hotel Park Inn All
Tuesday 2. of October
09:00-09:15 Summing up what was discussed/agreed the previous day Knowledge exchange Eydís
09:15-09:30 Outcome and hot issues from the INSPIRE-conference 2018

  • Spatial data on the web
  • Meeting Google
  • Metadata
Discussions about where are we now in the implementation recording to the conference.

Some reflections;

Inspire is more than a environment directive, maybe it is time to move the responsibility to another DG?

Even if one person stated that Inspire is about harmonisation, the common view is that Inspire is about access. One example of that was the extra meeting about commercial search engines.

Tools developed by JRC are now much more matured and should be used.



09:30-10:25 INSPIRE /Copernicus / Corine /ELS other EU projects – Where are we now? Will EU use the INSPIRE services

PSI – Open data Directive is going to affect the access to data and free data.

Input on the issue of OpenELS and Core Ref Data for todays meeting – Arvid




10:25-10:35 Coffee break
10:35-10:50 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The law has come into force since the last meeting. What has changed?

The regulation does not mean any major change in the Nordic as the information where handled in structure. Is GI data Personal data has been the question and if so when it becomes as such.

10:50-10.55 HTTP UUID´s how is it used, especially regarding governance? Are there any common grounds?

30.08.18: Note from Morten: Regarding Webinar for further discussions the implementation of http UUID, this has not been scheduled (my responsibility).

Knowledge exchange on best practices on the use of Universally Unique Identifiers.

Morten will organize a webinar for further discussions on these topics. Each country needs to provide contact person, a presenter /contact person. This would be for a Skype meeting on the subject that will be held by the end of the year.

10:55-11:35 Metadata administration system in DK Goal: To bring the writing and maintenance of the metadata closer to data/data providers. Automatic transfer of information from data to metadata. Metadata for services is not included, but maybe this is not relevant anymore due to new EU Inspire instructions.

To have a better technical solution for the Warehouse.

Raise the quality of data.

How to handle ID is based on recommendations from ISA2.

Lars Erik
11:35-12:00 Short report from MIG-P Report from the MIG-P meeting June, June 21-22. Ulla
12:00 Lunch at Hotel Park Inn
13:00-13:45 INSPIRE MIG work – status and outcome



Status regarding ongoing MIG activities;

  • 2016.4 Theme-specific issues / Thematic Clusters

Thematic clusters – there are plan to look further into more cross cutting issues. TC platform was established for data specification issues, now it might be converted to a general discussion platform.

  • 2016.5 Priority data sets / Thematic Viewer

Geoportal advisory board has been (will be?) established.

  • 2017.1 Master Guidance

It is delayed but it is coming from JRC. Will cover the use of data as well

  • 2017.2 Alternative Encodings

It is just in the beginning face and early in the process but in mid sept I was a bid on assisting company. DK and NO participate in the work. Agreement on focusing on generic rules, but theme specific rules may also be considered. Focus on GeoJSON.

  • 2017.3 Better client support for INSPIRE data

Qgis is working to improve their client

  • 2017.4 Validation & conformity testing

FI and SE is participation in the work, but we had no news.

  • 2018.1 Monitoring & reporting 2019

Has already been discussed, see above.

  • Actions 1+2 (data-service linkage)

Has already been discussed, see above.

  • Action 3 (WFS 3.0)

Ongoing process in OGS and ISO. Jari is working on an discussion paper that is planned to be ready by the end of this month.

  • Action 4 (making spatial data discoverable through mainstream search engines) Google

Has already been discussed, see above.

  • Action 5 (linking spatial data and persistent ids)


Only those issues which are considered important for a “high level” discussion should be elaborated.

This actionlist should be kept on future NIN meetings agenda

Arvid, Morten, (anyone who participates in MIG-T)
13:45-14:25 INSPIRE in eGovernment, presentation of the work in ISA Geospatial solutions Spatial information is of vital interest for eGovernment in Europe and INSPIRE is essential in making spatial data available for the public.

Status from the work in ISA2 Geospatial solution and SEMIC 2018.

ELISE – European location Interoperability Solutions for E-government. Action supported by ISA2. ELISA is driven by JRC. For valuable information see web site;


eGovernment in general and the SEMIC conference – introduced by Morten.


We agreed that this topic should also be included in our coming meetings, and that we will benefit from a Nordic cooperation on eGovernment. One example on this  is “standardized” modeling rules for eGovernment, as proposed by Denmark for the ISA committee, but not yet approved.

Ulla, Morten
14:25-14:40 Use of INSPIRE data both nationally and in Europe INSPIRE KEN is organizing a workshop in the end of November on the use of INSPIRE data and potential barriers doing so. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any such experience from Norway. What about the other Nordic countries? How do we “sell” INSPIRE nationally?

We discussed the definition of “Inspire data”, some use the term for data that is harmonised according to Inspire specification, other use the same term for data that is include in the 34 themes, regardless if they are harmonised or not. It is important to be aware of the difference in discussions.

14:40-14:45 NOISIN We continue to invite national NOSIN members to our coming meetings. If we have a specific task that we would like to have their technical support on, it should be well described. Currently we have no specific task.
Next meeting The next NIN meeting Next Nordic INSPIRE meeting will be held in Finland. A doodle will be set up to agree on dates.