Network for Competence and Governance

Network for Competence and Governance
Chairman Finland
Attendees Finland
Iceland, LMÍ
Purpose of the group

The main purpose of the network is strategic collaboration within the Competence and Governance area with the purpose to:
1. Speed up the process of competence sharing and development according to the strategy, and in line with present needs and future trends
2. Improve management approach to organizational development that reflect technical and business reality in our society
3. Discuss competence and governance issues, exchange ideas and areas for further collaboration within the NMCAs.

The network works aligned with the strategic NMCAs goals Efficient organizations and Shared competence. Current activities under Strategy Goal 4. Efficient organizations include themes such as “Measure benefits for the society: SROI” and “Sustainability: SDGs and strategic alignment”. Furthermore, activities for Strategy 5. Shared competence are e.g. “University co-operation”, “Employer branding”, “Key NMCAs capabilities”, “Change Management”, “Work in multiple locations and flexible working hours”, “Method for competence discussion”.

The NMCA in the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are planning to have a coordinated mentor/training program for their staff in International Services/Foreign Aid. The purpose of this program is to improve skills of the staff at the agencies who are interested in working in development projects.

Future plans include themes e.g. “Co-operation model between agencies and ministries”, “Sustainable development and strategy work”, “Mentor/training program for their staff in International Services”, “Digital competence – How to fully utilize technological development, AI, machine learning”, “Competence in the future”, “Employer branding” and “Staff exchange and mobility”.

The network enables exchange of experience and best practices on Competence and Governance area, which is critical for each NMCA. It can also be used to solve together specific tasks such as staff exchange practices, productivity measurement or common competence management issues.

What is the outcome, what do the organizations gain from the network?
For every NMCA it is critical to have excellence in Competence and Governance area. This network enables a forum where it is possible to share best practices and solve together specific challenges related to Competence development and Governance. It also gives opportunities to meet Nordic colleagues and to co-operate and coordinate development to avoid overlapping activities.

The network delivers an annual status report.