Cadaster WG

Nordic working groups and networks – (Cadaster  WG)
Chairman Register Iceland
Attendees Faroe Islands
Iceland, RI
Denmark, GST
Purpose of the group Networking and knowledge sharing for Nordic Cadaster agencies
Tasks for 2017-2018 1)      Map out main processes in the Nordic Cadaster agencies and compare them (Priority one, is well on its way.) Project is being worked on.
2)  Compare the position and role of the Nordic Cadaster agencies in each country (Prioritized lower and will be covered after the main processes)
3) (Is being updated).
4)  We will have 3 Skype meeting next autumn. 3 Skype meeting next spring.
5)  Our next formal meeting will be in Iceland early May 2018
Future strategic tasks; 2 – 3 years view 1)  Our main processes for more efficiency in Cadaster process.
2)  Legality and implementation of digital coordinates in Cadaster
3)  Marin and lake cadaster developed
4)  Future trends and technology changes
5)  Openness of data
How the WG contributes to the Nordic strategy
1.   Needs of society – present & future trends New technology, GPS everywhere, openness of data, demand for more acurate and timely data is in positive way challanging our way of working and delivering quality information.
2.   Positioning of the NMCAs’ role in future society The working group will work further on this goal in next year project.
3.   Future services and data solutions “We are exploring 3D Cadaster, GPS bountraries in our Cadaster, Openness of data on our platforms and with ELS”
4.   Efficient organizations “Main activitie has been around our Cadaster processes and how we improve efficiency.
5.   Shared competences “This network has proven valuable in building competences”
6.   Cooperation in the international arena “We have focused on this Nordic network”