Land Registration WG


Nordic working groups and networks – (WG on Land registration)
Chairman Sweden
Attendees Faroes Islands
Denmark; Domstol
Iceland, RÍ
Purpose of the group To share figures of 2015 from each participant country and to share knowledge and experience of digitizing process
Future strategic tasks 2- 3 years view 1)  Automation and further Digitizing of processes
2)  Digital authorization
How the WG contributes to the Nordic strategy
1.  Needs of society – present & future trends “First we have to realize the needs of our society and where it is heading. With a clear view of needs and trends our organization leaders can have well-founded discussion with stakeholders and end users or our data and services”
Benefitting society and the user is the main approach of all the Nordic countries in the Land registration operations. The trust in the land registration system itself together with stable service time seems to be the customers’ basic needs. Future trends identifies are automation, digital authorization and the rising expectations that comes with more transparent processes.
2.  Efficient organizations “To succeed our organizations have to work efficiently in today’s competitive environment.”
Many countries are currently working on further digitizing and automation of processes within Land registration. We see many examples of digitizing and also of automation of the processes in the Nordic countries. Denmark and Norway are leading the way in these areas and the other Nordic countries are following in their footsteps.
3.  Shared competences “In our specialized world we need to cooperate and share knowledge and resources where feasible.” Knowledge and experience of digitizing process are shared between the countries.