International Services WG

Nordic working groups and networks – WG International Services/Foreign Aid
Chairman Sweden
Attendees Norway
Purpose of the group Sharing experiences, skills, coordination, work routines, and the usage of each other’s resources in development projects with beneficiary organisations. Another thing is that the WG gives the Nordic countries a better position towards actors from other countries within this area.
Tasks for 2017-2018 1)    Strategies for the work in development countries and possibilities to joint Nordic projects on the international arena.
2)    Annual meetings to update each other, share experiences, review of the strategic document and the work plan.
3)    Mentor Program” for the International Services/International aid at NMCA’s. The purpose for the program is to broaden the recruitment base and interest for activities within the international services activities and give strengthen employees’ knowledge of what it is like to work in international projects.
4)    Arrange a common seminar within the title “Land and Development”.
5)    Common activities within the WG on international conferences.
6)    Create a common brochure about the WG activities to market it internationally.