Competence and Governance WG


Nordic working groups and networks – Competence and Governance WG
Chairman Sweden
Attendees Finland
Iceland, LMÍ
Iceland, RÍ
Purpose of the group 1: Speed up the process of competence sharing and development according to the strategy, and in line with present needs and future trends.
2: Improve management approach to organizational development that reflect the technical and business reality in our society.
Discuss competence and governance issues, exchange ideas and areas for further collaboration within the NMCAs
How the WG contributes to the Nordic strategy
Strategy Goal 4 Efficient organizations Two case-studies were introduced: Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR plus Senate Properties. Finland is further when comparing use of the public centralized service providers. Legislation and IT-solutions for the centralized administrative services varies a lot between Nordic countries. Pioneering work has been done for robotics and artificial intelligence in shared services e.g. in Norway and Finland.
Workplace management has different challenges in every country. Activity based office, desk sharing policy and overbooking are already in some places. Especially three perspectives are in focus: economics, sustainability and ensuring that facilities support profitable activity.
Gaining more results when increasing productivity was also interesting topic. Many NMCAs measure productivity through single activities. The NLSF has also an organization-wide productivity-model, which will be introduced to the Lantmäteriet in August.
Strategy Goal 5 Shared Competence WG has developed a common structure for Staff exchange between the NMCAs and mapped out best practices of re-education of staff to meet new competence goals. These documents has been approved in the Stora Chefsmöte 2016. NMCAs need to remind employees from the practical arrangements. In addition, follow-up information on the performance of HR operations will be collected.
Digitalization and automation have and will influence even more to the processes of the NMCAs. This will also set new requirements for the competences needed in the future. There is a lack of certain competences now already, e.g. surveyors in Sweden or IT-specialists in Finland and Norway. Competence management -projects are also ongoing in the NCMAs (e.g. Finland and Norway). Work-culture is also changing.
Future strategic tasks 2- 3 years view The working group of Governance and competence will have ongoing discussions of competence and governance issues, exchange ideas and areas for further collaboration within the NMCAs. The main tasks for the next two years within the WG group are suggested to be six, divided between the two strategy goals (4 and 5) as shown below
Strategy Goal 4, Efficient organizations
1)      Productivity, why, how to find the right figures, how to measure
2)      Management system, project portfolio, change management – how to integrate
Strategy Goal 5, Shared Competence
1)      Needs in the future
2)      Digital competence
3)      Performance management
4)      Staff exchange – follow up