IT and Development WG

Nordic working groups and networks – IT and Development WG
Chairman Statens Kartverk


Denmark, SDFE
Iceland, RÍ
Purpose of the group Strategic collaboration within the IT and development area with the purpose of create a foundation for existing and establishing new digital services according to the new strategy.

Strategic collaboration within topics such as trends, digitalization, Internet of things, cloud solutions, big data, open data, linked data, information security, strategic architectural and technological issues as well as innovation.

Discuss IT governance issues, exchange competence and find areas for collaboration within IT and development in the geoinformation area.

Tasks/ activities for 2017-2019
·      Finland to make proposal for mandate related to collaboration regarding standardisation

·      Based on the ongoing work relating to block chain, Sweden will make proposal for mandate relating to ecosystems – block chain and common Nordic workshop

·      Digital strategy not suitable for common work, different readiness and focus per country

·      Norway to revisit mandate for Nosin, proposal for key topics made

·      All members to clarify if any of the other workgroups have initiatives involving IT, no such found.

·      Knowledge exchange to be held once per year, topics to be prepared and agreed at “Stora chefsmøte”

Future strategy of the group – 2 years view
Future priorities;

2 years view

As stated last year the focus in the IT WG remains being knowledge exchange and search for selected topics for detailed collaboration. There is a clear need and value related to knowledge exchange covering a range of topics. The link to the strategy from 2015 is however weak, maybe apart from #5 and # 6. It is noticeable that local strategic development takes precedence and capacity is not allocated to the other Nordic topics. It seems that the individual Nordic strategies have very different focus and priorities and it does not create a common ground for a Nordic strategy.