Land Mapping WG

Nordic working groups and networks – The Land Mapping WG
Chairman Norway
Attendees Denmark, SDFE
Iceland, LMÍ
Purpose of the group and main tasks The group was established after the “Stora chefsmötet” meeting in Greenland 2015. The mandate, purpose and intention of the group is:

“The group was asked to consider to what extent the different agencies are acting in the scope of our common Nordic Strategic Goals and especially how to meet the future demands and the scope of the end user perspective. The group should in this context also consider the development of new ways of collecting data, i.e. drones, satellites and international programs i.e. Copernicus and ELF.

Also how these developments are to fit into our current organizations. Regarding the end user perspective – it is important that the group puts special effort into analyzing what is going on locally, regionally and internationally and how the mapping authorities must tune their deliverances to meet the future trends from government, companies and individuals.”

Activities as described inTopics no 1-5:
·      Topic 1 (Geodata strategies): Peter will, with help of the NMA representatives in the Land Mapping Group, make an initial overview survey of the Nordic geodata strategies that could be presented at the “Stora chefsmötet” in August.
·      Topic 2 (3D/4D data): This task was lead by Finland, the report with main results are to be found here: Land Mapping Working Group 3D – 2018-09-07
·      Topic 3 (User needs): Tomas Martin´s action on developing the spreadsheet for increasing the knowledge about the KrisGIS user needs will be the short term action on this topic.
·      Topic 4 (Megatrends): The meeting discussed the relation between this topic and the Geodata strategy topic and the discussions and conclusions taking place when the Land Mapping group meets. We agreed upon having this topic as a common task at the Land Mapping group meetings. The manning of the topic, as defined at the previous meeting on February 3, is there for being wound up.
·      Topic 5 (Joint data collection): The meeting discussed and agreed upon the need of having a representative for the Land Mapping working group as Chair. Gunnar will take the role as Chair.

Conclusions of the meetings
Tasks for 2017-2019 1)      The project HCBD together with the KRIS Gis group
2)      Continue with the purpose of our working group
Consequences for other Nordic WG/Network
Name of group (1) Continue our close cooperation with the KrisGIS group in the HCBD project
Name of group (2) Nordic Meeting on Aerial Photography and Digital Elevation Models
Future strategy of the group in 2-3 yers view
Fulfill the project objectives for the joint project “Harmonized Cross Boarder Data”.
In the project we will use the existing Norwegian infrastructure of the (ELS) services and the Finnish client OSKARI for demonstrating the visualization.
Close dialogue with EuroGeographics regarding the transition phase of the (ELS) Project from the consortium to EuroGeographics.
How the WG contributes to the Nordic strategy
1.   Needs of society – present & future trends Regarding Megatrends, see enclosed document for a description
Describe how the NMCAs may act to meet the future demands and highlight areas in which Nordic co-operation is a relevant tool.
Map out relevant technical and social trends that might influence current and future needs of our societies.
2.   Positioning of the NMCAs’ role in future society Nordic Geodata Strategies, see enclosed document for a description
3.       Future services and data solutions CC By, see enclosed document for a description
4.   Efficient organizations Not applicable
5.   Shared competences An ongoing purpose of our cooperation
6.   Cooperation in the international arena EuroGeographics, ELS project, Copernicus KEN,